The main task of Studio Violet is to advise contemporary artists on the pro­duction and the deve­lop­­ment of their art­works. The studio offers tailor-made solutions to suit the artist’s needs and provides complete artwork planning and production. At present, this mainly concerns the con­struc­tion of unique pieces, proto­types, and edi­tions in different degrees of materiality, shapes, and sizes. Such a process, however complex, implies an understanding of materials and production methods from handcraft to industrial processes. Besides the above mentioned possi­bilities, we help to realize intricate installations as well as smaller delicate objects. The studio works out specialized planning and aftercare for galleries and exhibition spaces and consults on specific production processes and technical preparations for an individual artistic practice.


Viola Eickmeier is a Berlin-based artwork planner and producer. She majored in product design and architecture at Chelsea College of Art and Design in London, Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weissensee, and the Emily Carr Institute in Vancouver. She has worked for numerous renowned artists and architects in Amsterdam and Sydney. After working abroad for many years she returned to Berlin, and joined a team of artwork producers in 2005 to realize and supervise sculptural productions and large installations for international institutions and galleries. In 2013, Viola Eickmeier founded her own studio to focus on new formats due to the course of changing artistic practices and collaborative contexts. She lectures at conferences and universities and was a fellow at Villa Massimo in Rome in 2018.